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One of my biggest pet peeves as a parent is the selection of foods on children’s menus at restaurants. It is, very often, the worst food a restaurant has to offer.

I wholeheartedly support the goodness that is a deep fried potato. I do not support potato like parts mashed together with food like bits and passed off as a potato. It is disrespectful to the potato. I do not support chicken lard coated in the Colonel’s worst nightmare passed off as a chicken finger. I do not support these usurper french fries and chicken fingers with a dipping sauce of high fructose corn syrup being served to my children.

My children are worth more than that.

Where are the restaurants that treat my children with respect? The restaurants that prepare a children’s menu with the belief that restaurant eating should be a special treat but still made of quality ingredients?

I did some searching and I am pleased to report that there are some of those very restaurants in Burlington.

QB Sports Bar & Grill - QB’s is committed to quality food made from scratch. They have a standard children’s menu but with the option of cooked or raw veggies instead of fries. And Monday night kids eat free, 5pm to 8pm! 

Bento Box – Either eat in or take it, sushi is a great family meal. The Bento Box makes up every order fresh. My kids aren’t huge fans of the raw variety but love veggie rolls and there are lots of cooked shrimp and crab options.

Chez Cora – Each plate is served with a whole heap of fruit. What parent doesn’t support a kid’s meal with a serving of fruit?

If you happen to be eating out with your kids and the restaurant’s offering for kids is less than your healthy standard likes- Speak up. Let them know that you are not impressed with the quality of the food served to your child. Restaurants in the business of staying in business will listen and take your feedback to heart. The more of us that speak up and let our opinions be known, the better the food will be for our children.

And that’s something I can support.

Do you have a favourite family friendly restaurant in Burlington?

About the author: Kristin Glasbergen

Kristin is a mother of 2 living in Burlington. She is passionate about homemade foods and healthy eating. An occasional culinary champion, Kristin spends a lot of time talking her kids into "just trying a bite". She excels at hiding vegetables in baked goods. Kristin can also be found blogging at

3 Responses to “Family friendly restaurants in Burlington”

  1. Kristal H says:

    The keg has a decent kids menu and they even bring out a plate of veggies and dip for the child to nibble on while they wait for their food, FANTASTIC idea. I believe that Joe Dog’s does this as well!!

  2. Heather says:

    We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Boston Pizza offers salmon and steamed vegetables on their kids’ menu. It is our go-to place for dinner out and the only place I’ve seen to offer something this healthy as a kid’s portion. (Sure they still have the usual fried food and pizza, but one good option is far better than most places).

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